Jake + Katie

We had to reschedule their engagement session multiple times due to weather and all the rain we got over the summer. Every time we had to change plans and choose a new date, Jake + Katie were so incredibly gracious and kind, never saying anything negative or seeming frustrated with the postponement. I knew when I had the opportunity to take their photos it would be GOOD and friends, I was not disappointed. Jake + Katie are so genuinely dear. Their wedding date being just TWO weeks away made their session that much more fun and exciting because the anticipation of their big day was growing by the minute!

Friends, everything about this session was above and beyond what I could have dreamed of. I just felt like the Father wanted us to wait and be patient because He had the most beautiful night in store. A few bystanders that were watching us try and find a good spot directed us to the most perfect overlook we never would have found on our own. When we got to the overlook, a few clusters of girls were sitting there, watching the sunset, and they all so graciously moved for us to be able to use the spot (and were the perfect audience, gasping in awe and celebrating with Jake + Katie while we were photographing). And the sunset. It was so strong, bold and beautiful. The night was perfect. 

So, here's just a little taste of the beauty. I cannot wait to share more of Jake + Katie after their wedding next weekend--I don't think you'll be able to get enough of them either!