Claire + Sam

Claire is my neighbor. She was one of the first people we introduced ourselves to after moving in. I remember right after meeting her whispering to Ben (my husband) "wow, I really reallyyyy like her. I so hope we become friends." So thankful to say that Claire and I did become fast friends and she has become such a dear human to me since. 

Claire and Sam had just started officially dating shortly before we met, but in one of our first conversations she told me she really, truly liked him and already knew he was her forever love. 

Fast forward a year and these two are engaged and heading full speed ahead to their September wedding. & it's going to be the best. These two are destined for great things. With Jesus as their focus, they love deeply and they love well--any one of their friends or families would tell you that. I'm so so honored I got to spend some time with just the two of them for their engagement session and cannot WAIT for their wedding celebration. 56 days friends! & you'd better believe I'm counting!